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"ThinkToDie" is a different and creative casual puzzle game where you have to find a way to die in order to pass the level. To do so, you have to master different situations, combine objects, and time your actions.

The game starts with a small introduction/tutorial. The more levels you pass, the harder they will become, the more players you will have to kill, the more you will have to think. Puzzle your way through over 145 levels. Furthermore, you have an option to skip any level in case you get stuck in any of them.

Meanwhile in all other games your main goal is to survive, in "Think To Die" its exactly the other way round. If you love puzzles, classic and old-fashioned entertaining games, then this might be one you would enjoy a lot.

The game itself was inspired by the Karoshi Series, adding new puzzle mechanics ,interesting puzzles and a lot of new features.


  • Over 145 levels
  • Happy, not distracting background music
  • Option to enable/disable Cartoon-Look
  • From very easy to very hard levels!
  • New and original game idea
  • Fast gameplay
  • Auto Save
  • Option to skip any level you want
  • 100% free to play and no extra content DLCs or ingame purchases
  • Single-Player only
  • 100% playable offline
  • Multiple music tracks to prevent boring repetitions
  • And much much more...


  • F10 skips a level
  • F8 flips camera
  • "C" changes player
  • "R" restarts level
  • "H" changes camera perspective
  • "P" pauses the game
  • "F1"enables/disables performance profiler


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Published 99 days ago
Tagsbest, cool, Funny, great, hard, new, Puzzle-Platformer


ThinkToDie FREE.7z (152 MB)


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Some of the levels were a bit difficult, but definitely fun!

Very cool game! love the environments and the kinda puzzled areas :D very good job on creating this game!